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Welcome to CNS Vital Signs Remote Cognitive Testing

Please read the following before proceeding:

Your provider has requested that you take the CNS Vital Signs cognitive assessment, the most trusted and reliable computerized neurocognitive assessment of its kind.

This assessment may take 45 minutes or more to complete, so please plan accordingly.

Before beginning your assessment, please check the boxes to confirm the following:

  I am seated in a comfortable, distraction-free environment.

  I have set aside ample time to complete this assessment.

  I understand that once I start this test, I cannot stop, pause or go back to a previous section.

  I am taking this test during my normal waking hours.

  I am wearing my corrective eyewear (if applicable)

  I have the 8 character code that was given to me to access my test.


We need to test your keyboard to make sure everything is working correctly

Using the keys across the top of your keyboard type the numbers 1 to 9.    

Press the Enter Key.    

Press the Space Bar.    

Press the Right Shift Key.    

Press the Left Shift Key.    

Please watch the informational video below before proceeding:

Click here when video is complete

Before entering your code to begin your test, use this opportunity to do the following:

  1. Take a bathroom break if necessary
  2. Stretch your legs
  3. Put on your corrective eyewear
  4. Turn off personal electronics that could distract you during your test (cell phone, tablet, etc.)

Enter my test code ***

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